What denomination does Hillside affiliate with?

We are a South Baptist Based Church and have enjoyed the connection with this very supportive group of believers.  They have walked with us from the beginning and help us in a number of our groaning pains.

Why do you have so many Pastors?

God has given us a unique vision at Hillside, in Golden and around the world. We are passionate about developing/equipping people to do God’s work. We are not about programs or buildings or sitting in our offices (We actually don’t even have offices at the Church) and waiting for people to come to us. We are all out and about in the community, in the homes of our folks or traveling to be with our overseas families. That’s just the way we role.

How do I get involved at Hillside?

  • Great question.  This will take a little effort on your part.  We encourage people to live life together – Eat meals, grab coffee, go on a walk, a run, a hike.  Find those natural connection points and engage with the people that you see weekly.  In addition, we host a monthly elders meal.  This is a place to get those connections started.  Or email one of the Pastors and we’ll be glad to set you on the right path.
  • Look for places to serve.  See Church in a more community oriented relationship.  Ask yourself the question: How are my gifts to be used here and now?  Why or what purpose does God have for me in this assembly of believers?
  • Sign up for one of the Journey H3 Seminars.
  • Go to the Men’s or Women’s Retreat.
  • Invite folks to your house.  Serve a meal and take the risk to connect.

Need Prayer?

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