Hillside Update May 31, 2020

To my beloved Hillside family,
In preparation for Sunday I would encourage you to read through the book of Ephesians. I am going to speak on Jesus being the head of the church. He is the preeminent one, and the Lord over all things in the church. So in these uncertain times we can trust that He is in control and that His headship is governed by love.
I believe that Jesus so wants us to grow during these trying times. And that we would trust Him and revere Him more in our lives.
God’s blessings,
Pastor Gus

Here’s the Sermon Outline.  You can download, print out and follow along.

Sermon Outline May 31

There are two platforms to participate on Sunday at 10am.  




YouTube Sermon Link (Today and Past Sermons)

Children’s Ministry Guides (May 31, 2020)